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Pokemon RPG

Become a Poke trainer! Start in the comments by naming yourself, choose between Charmander,  Squirtle and Bulbasour! I will start by Becoming one, I shall be named Daniel, but I have strong pokemon. Those are Mewtwo, Charizard, Lucario, Raquaza, Lapras and Snorelax all with Mega Evolution and Shiny. The first person to comment will have my aid.

  1. themastereevee permalink

    My name is Caveman Films my pokemon sarter is charmander.

  2. Parker (SF Gandalf) permalink

    I choose squirtle

    • What is your name?

    • Well, you were second commenter, but your consolation prize is a Mew

      • Parker (SF Gandalf) permalink

        Who was the first commenter? Blue? Anyways, I can still do this RPG, right?

      • Yes, and here is your mew.
        P.S. his name isn’t blue.

      • Parker (SF Gandalf) permalink

        Sweet! A Squirtle AND Mew!

      • Parker (SF Gandalf) permalink

        (Clones Mew a bunch of times) Mewtwo’s for trade!

      • Parker (SF Gandalf) permalink

        So, what do i do now?

      • Well, I don’t know other then beat up every thing that attacks you.

      • Parker (SF Gandalf) permalink

        Go mew! (Mew beats up professor oak.)

      • Parker (SF Gandalf) permalink

        Heh. Heh. Mew return. (Then all my mewtwos fall in a volcano so i catch the one in that cave thingy in red n blue)

      • Parker (SF Gandalf) permalink

        The mons i have r blastoise feraligatr swampert mewtwo rayquaza and palkia

      • Parker (SF Gandalf) permalink

        And lots more in my pc but on my team rite now is blastoise charizard palkia latias mewtwo and salmaence

  3. thegreengooma permalink

    handed the pica berries to the travler

  4. im going to die dying dying *sputter cough cough need help*

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