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Should I do a weekly post?

What do you guys think? If I do, it’ll be every Friday and be called My Geeky, Dorky Life. Answer in the comments!


3 Day Quote Challenge #1!

Hey dudes! Welcome to the first of three days of quotes!

Thanks to OY30 for nominating me. and here’s a link to his site!

Today’s quote:

Always be your shelf. DUMB AUTO CORRECT!

Join me tomorrow for quote number 2!

I nominate:


Enderman Zod:

Cap. Origami:


OK, so its old, but I found a Rubik’s Link today! It’s kinda like a Rubik’s Cube, just more linkeyerish… Um… MANAGER! I DIDN’T PUT THAT IN THE SCRIPT! DON’T MAKE ME COME OVER THERE AN-Technical Difficulties. Please stand by. Please sta- stand b-by. B-by…

Oh well…

I tried. The Megadoodle turned out to be a flop, and SUPER UNDERWHELMING! Yeah, pretty unexciting. So to make up for it I’m gonna try making a contest! In fact, this is where it’ll be! So, to enter create an drawing, post it on your website, then place a link in the comments. The category is Superheroes! But this is a specific superhero. The challenge is draw a hero whom I created…  Hackin’! Hackin’ is a regular sized guy, spiky jet black hair, blue eyes, a black leather jacket, jeans, sitting at a desk with a computer on it, with a smug expression. Winner gets an origami piece of whatever superhero they want, posted by ME! YAYAYAYAYAYA! Good luck guys!

Comic books!

Hey dudes! So, today I bought the first eight issues of New 52 Flash! I’ve been going on a comic book binge, and I’ve finished the first three issues! It’s pretty good, and it’s monthly. There are six volumes out! Next New 52 I’ll read will be either Batman or Superman. I’ve heard good things for the Batman one, so I’d probably go with that. What comics have you guys read? What are your favorites? Do you even read them? Marvel or DC? Justice League or Avengers? Flash or Quicksilver? The questions could go on forever! I’ll see ya’ll later, I guess.

Happy May Fourth! Also…

Happy May 4th!!! Also, I made some Ant-Man fan art to celebrate the new Ant-Man movie coming out next month. Should I post it, or not? Tell me in the comments!

Pippin for D.N.’s contest!

Here he is!