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Hey dudes! (An update post)

by on April 17, 2015

Hey dudes! Sorry I’ve not been posting much. I’ve been a little busy. Y’know, playin games and stuff. Anywayz, on to the update. I’ve got a few things to talk about.

1) I’m working on a book. Preview chapter should be out soon.

2) I’ve lost my interest in origami. I will be changing to Magicman’s doodling soon.

3) I’l be doing reviews. Tomorrow I will do Star Wars: Force Unleashed. Hope ya’ll like it.

4) I’ll be adding some new pages, starting contests, and taking requests for doodles and drawings. Should be fun.

And 5) Top ten lists! All sorts of ’em! And, I’ll also be doing polls for the top ten lists!

See ya later dudes! Have a good week! Magicman out!


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  1. lost intrest in origami… how the mighty have fallen…

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